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3 příspěvky 19.12.06 12:37

Hello there good friends…

I've been living in Czech Republic for some time, and I miss Czech food. I especially miss Vepro-Knedlo-Zelo

I have no problem making the meat, or the Knedliky but I have trouble doing the Zeli (cabbage). I use the canned stuff and it always comes out too sour. I would love some help with that recipe.

Sorry about writing in english, I have forgotten most of my Czech


4813 příspěvků 19.12.06 13:50

When I am making Zelí I tip the whole tin in the collander to let the sour brine drip away. I give it a little squeeze to speed up the process and chop it roughly.
Then I fry onion in the pan till golden, add chopped up cabbage, some sugar, salt (if necessary) and braise it for about half an hour. Sometimes I add grated small potato to achieve creamier texture.
Oh…and some caraway seeds, of course.

1515 příspěvků 19.12.06 14:09
zelí once more

Yes!! Onion is very important as Esme said! I do forget it in text, but never when I´m cookin´!

3 příspěvky 19.12.06 14:21

Thank you all for your reply.....I will try it and let you know. You are all too kind. Looking forward to talking to you again

I am a doctor. I live in Greece, but I studied in Prague

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